Meeting June 3, 2014 – Gentle Portrait Retouching in Lightroom

Harvey Morgan, II presents his approach to retouching portraits in Lightroom. Harvey prefers using a light touch to keep the portrait looking natural. Thus, he usually backs off the Presets found in the LR Adjustment Brush to Iris Enhance, Soften Skin, and Teeth Whitening. He also demonstrates a commercial application, Portrait Professional, that is devoted to portrait retouching.

Slides for this presentation:

Meeting May 6, 2014 – Printing Your Photographs

Ken Hanson will talk about making prints of your digital photos, either using your own printer or having someone else print them. Topics will include kinds of prints and papers, using Lightroom to drive your own printer or produce files to send to a print lab, color profiles, monitor calibration, mounting and framing.

Slides for this presentation:

Glenn Randall Workshop – April 12

The Los Alamos Photo Club will sponsor a one-day workshop on Landscape Photography on April 12 presented by noted photographer and teacher, Glenn Randall. The workshop will be held in Fuller Lodge on the second floor of the Art Center starting at 9 AM and lasting until 5 PM, with several breaks. Lunch is not included. The registration fee is $70.

April 1st – Discussion of LR Web and Slideshow Modules

We will be having a meeting tomorrow upstairs in Fuller Lodge from 7-9 PM. The topic is LR web galleries and perhaps some Ad Hoc on slideshows too. Doug will show how to generate HTML and Flash web pages that you can create and then upload to a server using the Web Module. He will also discuss slide shows and show how the tools used for the Web Module have a lot in common with tools used in the Slideshow Module.

March 18 – Walk through Photo Show

Instead of meeting on March 4, which would be our normal meeting day of the first Tuesday of the month, we will join the LA Photo Club at the Mesa Public Library at 7:00 PM on March 18 and tour the Los Alamos Photo Show. We will discuss the prints and if the photographer is present, ask him/her questions about technique, etc.

February 4 – Editing by Committee

This will be a continuation of what we started last meeting. We will take pictures from volunteers, put then in Lightroom and edit live. If we have enough of editing by committee we may also decide to share some photos.

The business meeting will be to discuss, dues, the upcoming Glenn Randall Workshop and the upcoming photo show.

Glenn Randall Workshop – Landscape Photography

The Los Alamos Photography Club and the Los Alamos Adobe Users Group are sponsoring a one day workshop by landscape photographer Glenn Randall on Saturday, April 12th. Glenn is teaching a week long workshop in Santa Fe the following week and has agreed to do a one-day workshop for us. Here is the syllabus he has provided. I (Doug) took a workshop from Glenn last August at Rocky Mountain National Park and found it to be excellent. As part of the workshop he provides excellent handouts that are more detailed than his articles in Outdoor Photographer.

Current logistics

Payment: Please make out a check for $70 to Los Alamos Photo Club and bring it to a meeting of either LAPC or LAAUG  in February or to the photo show events in March, which will replace our regular meetings for at least LAPC and possibly LAAUG . Cancellations will be accepted until Sunday April 6th. If we end up with less than 10 people the club may have to kick in money, so please try not to cancel once you have signed up. Glenn is giving us a good deal compared to his normal fees. We will be giving Glenn a non-refundable deposit no later than March 29th.

Location: We will be renting the upstairs of Fuller Lodge for the day. We’ve had up to 25 people for our LAAUG meetings. It’s not perfect, but it works and the club has already made arrangements. The hours are 9AM to 5PM with a break for lunch.

Sign-up: If you are interested and haven’t already emailed Doug Coombs, please do so.